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Belpointe Family Office

The traditional family office provided family management services to a single wealthy family.  The Lacoff family has always sought to serve those who share their values and not their account size. What this means is that Belpointe’s family office services are available to individuals and families whom we know and care for.

The services and resources we extend to you are the same ones we use for our own families.  While the advice you will receive will be unique to your own circumstances, the solutions we provide are based on the experience of managing the wealth of our own families.

Pictured: Greg Skidmore, Head of Belpointe’s Family Office Services and Brandon Lacoff, Esq. Co-Founder of Belpointe

Family Office Services

Belpointe’s family office services include family governance, financial, legal and planning.  The financial advisory services: asset management, insurance, lending, bookkeeping and tax preparation.  The legal services:  trusts & estate, family law, corporate, securities, and real estate.   The planning services:  retirement, college, estate, business succession, philanthropy coordination and tax.

Professional Service Companies


Belpointe plans for clients the same way it plans for our founding families.  Therefore our planning skills cover everything from family finances to corporate law.

Belpointe’s entrepreneurial nature has taught us the importance of financial planning with the understanding that plans will change. Close relationships with our clients allow financial plans to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Pictured: Pedro Ramirez, Senior Wealth Advisor for Belpointe’s Family Office and Phil Skidmore, Chairman of Belpointe Asset Managment.

David Nelson CFA Belpointe

Asset Management

Belpointe Asset Management, LLC was founded in Greenwich, CT in 2007.  Greenwich is a hotbed for financial entrepreneurs and Belpointe benefits from this environment.  Our strategists and portfolio managers work tirelessly to research, design, test, manage and constantly improve a wide range of investment strategies.

Pictured: David Nelson CFA, Chief Strategist of Belpointe Asset Managment

Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Belpointe will identify and offer risk management solutions for your property, personal and private interests.

Insurance solutions offered during the financial planning process or upon request include: life, property and causality, disability and long term care.

Insurance products and advice are offered through Belpointe Insurance, LLC and Belpointe Specialty Insurance, LLC.

Pictured: Robert Raimondo JD: Co-Founder of Belpointe Insurance

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

Belpointe’s goal is to offer investment solutions that allow individuals to invest with the advantages traditionally offered to institutions.

The above statements refers to publicly available securities that Belpointe Asset Management, LLC may recommend to clients and does not refer to any private securities.

Belpointe manages various private investments using its own capital, but these are not available to the public.

Pictured: Jeff Tomasulo, Head of Alternative Investments

Phil Ayoub | Greenwich, CT - Accounting

Tax & Accounting

Belpointe’s tax, accounting and bookkeeping services are provided by Greenwich Accounting, LLC a firm owned by Belpointe Co-Founder, Brandon Lacoff, and CFO Philip Ayoub. This company allows us to provide tax compliance and tax planning to Belpointe clients.

Pictured: Philip Ayoub, Founder of Greenwich Accounting

Kimberley Raimondo | Belpointe | General Counsel

Legal Services

Belpointe’s legal services are provided by Greenwich Legal Associates, a firm owned by Belpointe Co-Founder Brandon Lacoff, Esq.

Greenwich Legal is a boutique, law firm specializing in sophisticated class action litigation in the securities, antitrust and consumer areas.  Additionally, Greenwich Legal provides services for business transactions, real estate and estate/trust matters.

Pictured: Kimberley Raimondo, General Counsel of Belpointe


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