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Belpointe’s legal services are provided by Greenwich Legal Associates, LLC, which is operated by Brandon Lacoff and Adam Frankel.

Greenwich Legal is a boutique law firm focusing on sophisticated class action litigation in the securities, antitrust and consumer areas.   Greenwich Legal also provides services for business transactions, real estate and estate/trust matters.

Greenwich Legal assists institutional and individual investors in securities cases, where the investors are harmed, and assists institutional investors to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities by identifying improper conduct that is actionable under securities laws, and taking action when appropriate.

Greenwich Legal represents businesses and individuals in matters arising under federal and state antitrust laws. Many antitrust matters often implicate some of the most influential corporations in the world, particularly when companies unlawfully conduct illegal acts of price-fixing, monopolization, monopoly leveraging, tying arrangements, exclusive dealing, and refusals to deal.

Greenwich Legal also represents consumers in class action lawsuits against some of the country’s largest corporations where consumers were wronged by fraudulent conduct, unfair business practices or faulty products.

Greenwich Legal also monitors class action settlements and new class action court filings to provide updated litigation reports to reflect settlements, newly identified complaints and other pleadings involving securities fraud, antitrust or consumer protection.

Greenwich Legal attorneys and staff have many years of experience in advising clients on real estate matters. Whether it is the purchase, sale, exchange or development of improved or unimproved real property, commercial leasing, real estate finance or real estate litigation, we are prepared to help you accomplish your goals.

Greenwich Legal can also assist in estate planning.  Through the use of revocable and irrevocable trusts, life insurance, charitable planning and other techniques, our professionals can maximize benefits and minimize taxes, staying fully compliant with the law, while taking advantage of the planning opportunities allowed by it.  The firm helps families create streamlined plans, which facilitate the efficient management and eventual distribution of your assets; and the dignified, personal care of your family members. We draft last wills & testaments, trusts, durable powers of attorneys and living wills.  We assist in forming family foundations, special needs trusts, and charitable trusts.

For more information about Greenwich Legal, please contact Adam Frankel.

Belpointe’s legal services are provided by Greenwich Legal Associates, LLC an affiliated law firm, headquartered in Greenwich, CT.

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