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Morningstar Launches New MLP Indexes

Morningstar continues to roll out new indexes to track various areas of the markets. We’ve used the Alerian MLP indexes for a few years now, but I am happy to see Morningstar get into this area. Our firm uses Morningstar Office and I hope to see them implement this data into the investment analytics as well.

Morningstar, the Chicago-based firm known for its mutual fund research, has expanded its index line-up with two new income-focused indexes based on master-limited partnerships (MLPs).

The Morningstar MLP Composite Index seeks to represent the top 97 percent of all publicly traded MLPs by market capitalization, while the Morningstar MLP Focus Index comprises the 20 most favorably priced MLPs based in the judgment of Morningstar’s equity analysts.

via Morningstar Launches MLP Indexes.